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Welcome to the web portal of the European project « Biogas Regions » !

This project has started in November 2007 for 3 years.

The Biogas Regions project was born from the observation that a real opportunity has opened to develop biogas in the Rhone-Alps region in addition to in other regions throughout Europe.  The biogas industry is highly involved in the development of renewable energy in Europe, for which the white paper set production to 15 million TOE for the year 2010.

The problem remains the same for each region: the region has matter at its disposal, that it can transform into biogas and then into energy. According to the situation, the region will show preference to a path involving the agricultural or agri-food industry or the waste or wastewater treatment industry.

The other observation made was that in some European regions, the biogas industry was already well developed. And it could interesting to take advantage of this feedback. This is why two German and Austrian agencies were suggested as models, their biogas industries being more mature and thus working with experienced key partners.


In order to develop the biogas industry in the 7 European regions selected for the project, the following needs had to be fulfilled at every step of the project from its conception to its execution:

*        Knowledge regarding pre-dimensioning the project,

*        Knowledge regarding checking project feasibility,

*        The availability of experts able to undertake studies,

*        Informing, communicating and even raising awareness,

*        Finding project carriers,

*        Helping them develop their project: creating tools, etc.

*        Recognising the institutional key participants, the regulations and identifying potential stumbling blocks,

*        Defining an action plan and strategy with the local key participants,

*        Recognising and mobilising businesses capable of fulfilling any requirements,

*        etc.

The starting point in each country varied greatly: no anaerobic digestion in the Abbruzzo region, productions already existing in Wallonia , an agricultural target in the Rhone-Alps region compared to a target involving waste in Wales, attractive tariffs in Slovenia and low tariffs in Malowpsoka (Poland) and Castilla-Leon (Spain).

The Biogas Regions project created a shared workpackage (WP), yet open enough to enable the project to be adapted to the different situations and requirements for each region, which enables them to focus on specific actions.

Moreover, the technical and organisational support provided by the two expert agencies enabled partnerships to be formed, previously created tools to be shared and the projects to receive support throughout these three years.


The work started with a compilation of the framework conditions in the seven developing regions. A strategic action plan was elaborated to show key decision makers how to overcome barriers (WP2). A strong accent has been set on awareness raising and training activities aimed at the regional key players and stakeholders (i.e. brochure, electronic newsletters, study tours, information seminars) (WP3). Positive investment decisions have been prepared in each region by opportunity and decision preparing studies with the support from the experienced partners (WP4). A match-making procedure between potential investors and suppliers of turnkey plants to the seven emerging markets will further advance the process (WP5). The regional key stakeholders were closely associated through advisory committees (WP5). Project results will be made available through the Internet and other targeted channels in view of facilitating replication (WP6).



The actions were aimed at two target sectors that were to be determined for each region and also included the following key participants:

*        Municipalities

*        Farmers and their professional associations

*        Food processing industrialists and their associations

*        Consultants and planners

*        Regional governments: elected people, regional and local councils

*        Banks and financing institutions



With a duration of 3 years in total, from 2007 to 2010, this project witnessed the development of this industry. Moreover, although it mainly involved utilising biogas via cogeneration facilities, some partners have recently applied this to biomethane issues for grid injections and transport use.



This website provides an overview of the deliverables produced within the project in local language or in english. Please read the final dissemination report : the story of the project, its results and the know-how.


A link to the project partners' websites is available (see on left hand side). On these web sites you will be able to download in the country language the project's deliverables like general information's, reports, brochures and a newsletter of each participating region.



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